Serve the Goddess

Which Goddess Are You?

                                            It’s time for you to pull back the veil……
  1. What is your dream job?
a. Head of my department, organization or CEO
b. Being of service to others, I’m a natural care giver
c. A performing artist
d. Advocate for world issues
e. Healing Arts or Health care
  2. How would you describe your romantic relationship; past or present?
a. My partner is ok with me making most of the decisions
b. I’ll do anything for my partner and often put them first
c. Don’t ask, it’s complicated
d. When I make the space in my busy schedule, we have a wonderful time together
e. I create special dates which include lots of intimate time
Click here to take the remaining quiz to reveal the Goddess you are and your Goddess archetype will be unveiled. Are you Athena, a natural leader, Demeter a mother figure, or Aphrodite in love with love? Each Goddess comes with an affirmation, beauty ritual and a meditation to bring you infinite wisdom. See you on the other side!

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