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Reiki & Massage birthday services are 10% off! Must show valid ID.

Reiki Treatment ($150/hr →$135/hr)

Reiki is a hands-on healing modality that can relieve stress, ease pain and enliven energy flow. A full Reiki session, including sound and crystal healing, is the perfect way to clear out negativity and invite in positive life force.

Relaxation Massage ($150/hr →$135/hr)

Enjoy a massage tailored to releasing the stresses of daily life. Soothing touch and a gentle flow will relax and rejuvenate, reconnecting you with your divine body.

Therapeutic Massage ($150/hr →$135/hr)

A deeper, more targeted experience that will focus on specific muscles in order to address chronic aches and pains. This massage is excellent for old injuries, postural issues, and working through held patterns. Feel like you again!

Recovery Massage ($150/hr →$135/hr)

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a professional athlete, this massage is for you. Feel the trained and professional touch of a healer as they help your muscles and joints bounce back from your Herculean efforts. Perfect for pre and post sports event support.

Aromatherapy Massage ($180/hr →$162/hr)

Scents are deeply linked to memory and relaxation. Essential oils have powerful effects from stress relief to direct immune response. Our professionals will choose the perfect oils to deepen your healing journey.

Hot Stone Massage ($180/hr →$162/hr)

A deeply peaceful experience, hot stone massage utilizes smooth rocks and warm oil to glide across your skin. It is hydrating and meditative, sending you off into dreamland like nothing else. A full and grounding style of massage.


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