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Reiki is a hands-on healing modality that can relieve stress, ease pain and enliven energy flow. A full Reiki session is the perfect way to clear out negativity and invite in positive life force.

Our practitioners are all certified ordained Reiki Masters with at least ten years of experience in the field. They come fully equipped to set up in your home, office or hotel. They will work with you to customize your best healing treatment.

We invite you to wear loose, comfortable clothing for your session.

To start, your Reiki Master will do a full analysis of your Aura and discuss with you any specific needs you may have. Based on this analysis, your Reiki Master will custom tailor a combination of sound bath, laying on of crystals, and aromatherapy. For your treatment, you will lie face up on a massage table. Your Reiki Master will then start the flow of Reiki and place their hands on different areas of your body.

You may experience Reiki as warmth from your Reiki Master’s hands, or as a slight tingling sensation in your body. Most clients feel both relaxed and invigorated at the end of their session.

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