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Seeing beauty everywhere, and where it doesn’t exist, easily creating it yourself, sometimes out of thin air.  You are dynamic, seductive and know how to delegate tasks so you can attend to self-care, self-love and celebration.  And, you love to be revered. Sensual to the core, you need every sense stimulated to feel whole: sight, touch, smell and taste. Glittering softness follows you everywhere you go.
Get ready for bliss!
Select this Spa Package designed sensually for the Aphrodite woman:
Water Therapy with Rose Petals
Seaweed Wrap
Aromatherapy Massage with our Aphrodite signature oil.
Manicure & Pedicure
Facial – Face Your Inner Goddess
4 hours … $449.00
($655.00 value)
Wild as the wind, you may imagine yourself riding across the big sky lands of Montana on your powerful steed … or exploring the jungles of the Amazon to study and appreciate its flora and fauna. You are swift and light on your feet when it comes to the great outdoors. Nothing hypnotizes you more than a full moonlit night … while you’re sleeping under the stars. Adventure is your middle name.
Don’t worry, we get you. You need physical stimulation along with your relaxation.
Select this Spa Package designed wildly for the Artemis woman:
Sea Spa Body Scrub + Skin Brushing
Deep Tissue Massage with our Artemis signature oil
Spa Pedicure for those overworked feet
Hydrating Facial for that dry, outdoor skin
3.5 hours … $449.00
($610.00 value)
Strategy and vision turn you on like nothing else. You have mastered the arts of mental imaging and debate, and you’ve worked hard and smart to get all the way to the top of your game. You set high standards for yourself and you shoot for the moon (and the sun) … and can probably persuade anyone with your gift of the gab.  You are good with using your hands so they may need a little extra love and pampering.
Time to get out of your head into your gorgeous body and connect with your feminine side!
Select this Spa Package designed strategically for the Athena woman:
Hot Stone Massage, Shiatsu or Deep Tissue with our Athena massage oil
Spa Manicure + Hand massage
Indian Head Massage Scalp Treatment
3.5 hours … $449.00
($655.00 value)
You may or may not be a literal “mother,” but that doesn’t matter. You are a nurturer-par-excellence. Multi-tasking is second nature and if juggling wasn’t only a circus or street performance art, you’d be given medals of honor, complete with trips to the White House to meet the President. Creative, fertile, nurturing and loving are what comes to people’s minds when they think of you.
So guess what? It’s your turn. Let me and my team nurture you for a change. Don’t put yourself second for one more minute!
Select this Spa Package designed lovingly for the Demeter woman:
Mud Wrap + Scalp Treatment
Aromatherapy Massage, or our Mother Goddess Pregnancy Massage see our Demeter oil
Manicure and Pedicure
3.5 hours … $449.00
($655.00 value)
You are a most mysterious and captivating creature. Men (and women) follow you around without knowing exactly why. You just possess that special magnetism.  You are not afraid of anything and can walk into any situation and respond accordingly.  At heart, you are a lover of the arts and all things mystical.  Since you understand the deeper significance of all life, you savor time spent in solitude and are not afraid of silence.
Whether you want to stay in the silence or rise to the light, we will keep you feeling centered and oh so enchanting. Your escape awaits you!
Select this Spa Package designed magnetically for the Persephone woman:
Pomegranate Body Scrub
Aromatherapy Massage with our Persephone oil
Manicure and Pedicure
Indian Head Massage Scalp Treatment
3.5 hours … $449.00
($655.00 value)


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