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Get Your Summer Glow with our Body Scrub
Your skin is pampered and polished with essential oils and sea salts giving you luxuriant glow. We added skin brushing to exfoliate, detox and rejuvenate. Your skin will look as great as it feels, heavenly smooth. 50 minutes and shower time.
$125 / 50 Minutes and shower time
  Add-On A Detox with Skin Brushing
Treatment time 20 minutes  Purchase your own brush $18.00 Great before your massage!
$25 per Treatment


Manicure & Pedicure
Luxurious PedicurePedicure a Foot Rejuvenating Treatment
Walk like the Goddess you are with sole-ful indulgence. Your feet are cleansed and soaked in a bath of natural salts, lavender, tea tree and rosemary essential oils. Afterwards, your feet are exfoliated with an apricot scrub, soothed with herbal masks and massaged for 20 minutes with lavender and rosemary oil. Next we remove your old polish, gently push your cuticles, trim & file your nails & apply new polish -Choose nail polish from all the hottest colors!. You will be walking on clouds. Treatment time is one hour.
One Hour Treatment

Add-On A Reflexology Foot Massage ( as seen on our massage page)
The ultimate foot massage and it’s therapeutic too. Pressure points in the feet, hands & ears are stimulated bringing a healing relief to corresponding areas on the body. It is helpful for headaches, back aches, P.M.S., sinus congestion and more. No need to disrobe

$125, One Hour
$ 85, 1/2 Hour 

manicureManicure A Hand Rejuvenating Treatment
Your hands are soaked and then exfoliated with an apricot scrub, soothed with herbal masks, moisturized and massaged. Next we remove your old polish, gently push your cuticles, trim & file your nails and apply new polish. Choose nail polish from all the latest colors. Treatment Time 30 minutes.

$60.00 / half hour

Paraffin Dip
Add paraffin dip to any hand & foot treatment.
Warm paraffin soothes and nourishes your skin leaving your hands soft and silky. Fit for any Goddess!
$10 Hand or Foot
$15 Hand & Foot

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