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14 Tips to Prepare for Your Cupid’s Delight Couple’s Massage This Valentine’s Day

If you haven’t called Serve the Goddess Mobile Spa Services yet, there’s still time to make your appointment for a romantic Cupid’s Delight Couple’s Massage.

And if you’ve already scheduled your appointment with us, congratulations, you’re in for a real treat.

You may be wondering if there’s anything you should do before our massage therapists arrive at your door to give you and your beloved a massage.

Here’s a checklist to make your Cupid’s Delight Couple’s Massage extra special:

1) Shave or wax the day before (not the day of) your massage.
2) Choose a room that is private and quiet and make it tidy.
3) Set the scene by dimming the lights and lighting some candles.
4) Play your favorite romantic spa music.
5) Rearrange your furniture (if need be) to make room for two massage tables. (This will save time later when the massage therapists arrive).
6) Un-plug or mute your phones, turn off the TV’s, and put a “do not disturb” sign on your front door.
7) Chill the champagne or white wine, if you are planning to toast your romance with some bubbly.
8) Boil the water in the kettle if you’re planning to drink tea.
9) Prepare a tray of healthy snacks for the lovebirds to enjoy.
10) About 30 minutes before we arrive, relax by soaking in a bath or by taking a warm shower.
11) You may also like to take the time to meditate or do some light stretching or yoga.
12) Use the restroom.
13) Remove your jewelry and disrobe. Put on your robes and slippers or loose-fitting clothing.
14) Be prepared to fill out a form and tell the massage therapist what areas of concern you have and what type of pressure you like.

Enjoy your couple’s massage. We’re looking forward to seeing you on Valentine’s day, your wedding anniversary or just because you want to relax with your sweetheart.

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