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4 Ways to Survive The Holidays

The key to surviving the holidays is to prepare and be ready for it – be fully aware of what the holidays mean in your life. Don’t forget Serve The Goddess can help.

Some of us may like to party until the sun comes up so you will be physically tired and some of us may be spending a lot of time with family which can be just as draining.

It all comes down to what your life entails during the holiday season. Having considered that everyone’s reality is different, there are key elements to consider as you prepare yourself for the next couple of months.

Here are some key ways to prepare for the upcoming holidays:

Go to bed an hour earlier than usual so you wake feeling well rested. Please don’t underestimate the value of sleep, it is essential to your well being.

Indulge moderately and take a walk after dinner. Food will be everywhere – including an overload of carbohydrates and sugars all prepared in a deliciously tempting way. Minimize your sugar and carbohydrate intake and balance it well with equal or more exercise or activity.

Easy on the alcohol. Alcohol will add some merry moments to your holidays but it will also dehydrate you. Try to drink in moderation and double your intake of water during this time.

Be willing to set time aside just for you. As you will be spending a lot more time with your friends and family you may find that you are expelling a lot of your energy in conversations and traveling to and from different venues. It’s important to make sure that you have enough time for yourself.

If you find that these key steps are not enough or you want an extra boost, Serve The Goddess can help. There are many massages, facials, foot and hand treatments in our mobile spa menu that can alleviate the stresses of the holiday time. Massages will relax your muscles and rejuvenate your body overall.

Whatever you do this holiday season, we encourage you to take care of you first. Keep filling your cup so that you are able to give from a place of fullness and abundance.

Happy Holidays!

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