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5 Easy Steps To Being a Better Friend this Friendship Week

The thing about friendship is that it encompasses all relationships – family, co-workers, business and sometimes the deepest friendships are with our pets.  Friendship is defined as a state of mutual trust and support between allied nations. That’s profound isn’t it?

Friendships are not one sided or selfish.  Good friendships feel easy and flowing – effortless to some degree.


No wonder there’s a whole week dedicated to celebrating friendships and all it means.

It’s a wonderful reminder to honor the friends in your life, to shower them with appreciation and to focus on building new unions of pure platonic bliss. Many times this week is celebrated with cards, memes, bracelets and maybe lunches. It can go on and on – the ways in which to celebrate our friends, especially the friendships we find priceless.

While gifting things like bracelets or maybe even a spa service from Serve The Goddess is a great way to celebrate your kindred spirits, we’d like to take this time to encourage you to be a better friend with 5 simple and easy steps.

  1. Listen – sometimes all someone needs is a ready ear and an open heart. Most times people already know what they will do or what works or doesn’t work for them. They only need a safe space to collapse while they gather the strength to do what they need to do.
  2. Acceptance – let your girlfriend know she is accepted – her thoughts, her feelings, her needs … in all her beautiful mess, she is completely accepted.
  3. Gratitude – how often do you tell your friend how much she’s appreciated – and I don’t mean waiting for Friendship Week. Simply letting someone know they are appreciated goes a long way for most people.
  4. Knowledge – it truly is power. Do you really study your friend and understand them – maybe know when to joke and when to be serious? Pay attention to your girlfriends and learn their ways – what ignites them and what makes them cringe. Do less of the latter.
  5. Show up – Sometimes this is one of the biggest steps you make in being a friend – be there! Don’t wait for an invite or an excuse or a reason. If they need you, show up!

Friendships are priceless gifts we give to each other and many times, they are at the core of our survival. It’s the backbone of sisterhood and part of the reason we have Goddess Retreats – so you can find your tribe and love them hard!

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It’s Friendship Week – be a good friend, today and everyday!

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