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5 Ways to Renew & Connect to Your Feminine Spirit

Recently I had the honor of being a guest on a podcast called “Fit2Love TV” with host, JJ Flizanes of Invisible Fitness to talk about Feminine Energy  – a topic that touches my heart and inspires my passion. My education and personal history are essentially all tied into the power of feminine energy. It was such delight and a gift to be able to speak on a topic that I care about so deeply.

We mainly discussed what it means to be connected to feminine energy and HOW to connect with it. (You can hear the podcast here or read on and listen afterwards).

But first, let’s discuss  feminine energy.

Feminine energy can be defined as compassion, love, patience, joy, surrender, serenity and receiving.

As women, we are meant to receive. Our anatomical make-up alone gives way and light to the art of receiving.

Feminine energy is not pushy. It’s passive, yet; it holds great power. And, if we push too hard, we deplete ourselves of feminine energy and end up exhausted.

The trick is to find the balance where we are in the position to be firm, yet to flow with the stream of life – to know when to hold tight and when to let go.

Helen practicing archery which invokes the art of letting go. Photo by Lucinda Rae.

This brings me to my most recent Artemis Retreat in Ojai California this past August 2015.

A part of our activities included archery. A few of our guests found letting go one of the hardest things to do while shooting their bow and arrow.

For some, it did not make sense to let the arrow go. Sometimes we are so used to holding tight and keeping things in place and in order that when the time comes to let things be and soar as they should, we feel paralyzed. True connection to our feminine energy would create and embody a space where letting go is actually one of the easiest things to do. 

As women, sometimes we are too focused on all the tasks at hand and we don’t know how to let go.

The archery lesson at the retreat was an eye opener to remind us and connect us with the flow of life. Besides archery, there are other ways to connect and stay connected to our feminine energy that don’t necessarily take us outside our homes or neighborhoods. JJ Flizanes and I discussed this further in detail.

Relish in the simple things in life – like the miraculous element of water. Photo by Lucinda Rae.

I defined five ways for us to stay connected to our feminine energy by tapping into these five words:
Reflect. Connect. Accept. Release. Flow.

Reflect: Slow down and sometimes, shut down. Don’t push or force. Disconnect from the outside world and connect solely to self. Quiet your mind and meditate. Feminine energy is quiet and soothing. It goes with the flow of life. It does not swim against the current of the river. It finds the direction of the current and lets go.

Connect: Look up at the sky or marvel in the miracle of a flying bird. Connect with nature on a trail or by appreciating the intricacy and beauty of plants or leaves on a plant. When you take a bath, really feel the water on your skin and allow your being to be astonished at this miraculous element that is cleansing and pure.

Accept: Acknowledge your emotions but don’t judge them. Listen to your feelings and your heart. Emotions fluctuate especially for women as the month goes from day to day. Let your feelings and emotions come and go. Accept that you are human and be ok with where you are. It often is a constant change.

Release: Find a way to play – dancing , day trips, spontaneity… whatever will bring release to you. Value the release of tension and allow yourself to be distracted in the moments of play and fun.

Flow: Get creative. Sing, drum, write poetry, do some photography or some journaling. Engage in some vision boarding or scrap-booking – anything that brings about the flow of creativity. Do some cooking or flower arrangements and become one with your  creative side.

Each day, take moment to use all five steps to connect with your feminine energy, or use one way each day for the week – whatever works for your life style. Whatever you find that keeps you connected to the soft yet strong feminine energy which is as much the core as it can be the surface of who you are, is worth exploring.

Be silly sometimes. It’s good for your spirit. Photo by Lucinda Rae.

Any time you are outside of our feminine energy, you can block your flow, insight, intuition and your ability to let go and receive.

Stay connected to the feminine energy that is the powerful drive inside you. Inhale. Exhale. Receive.

If you missed the link earlier, you can listen to the podcast here.

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