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Are you using Being Busy As an Excuse to Not Take Care of Yourself?

The holidays are here and it’s a wonderful time to share special moments with your family and friends. But with all the shopping, cooking and decorating, you may find that the one person you don’t have time for during the holidays is YOU. Parties, social engagements, shopping, gift-wrapping, holiday meals, travel, family and financial decisions add extra stress and zap energy.

It’s so easy to let your self-care suffer especially around the holidays when your focus is everything and everyone but you.

Holiday stress can strip the joy out of the season and put you in a bad mood which can then rub off on your family and friends. It’s a weary chain of events that could affect the people you love most and for whom you’re trying to create the “perfect holiday.”

So stop, slow down and take a deep breath.
Inhale • Exhale • Center

There are always solutions if you only take a moment to breathe and be present. So, before you completely stress out, just know that you can put the “me” into the holidays without feeling like you’re sacrificing the happiness of your loved ones! The truth is that before you can take care of everyone else, you have to take care of yourself. Instead of suffering through another stressful holiday season this year, schedule some ‘me time’. Bring balance into your life as you make your way into 2016.

All it means is setting aside moments reserved just for you. This is a time to address your spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical needs. Not only does ‘me time’ help you get in touch with yourself and combat holiday stress, it can also have benefits such as helping you make better decisions and sleep more soundly. Scheduling ‘me time’ means making YOU the priority. Build your parties and holiday task list around your ‘me time.’ Ultimately, it means having more of you to give to those you care for most.

So how can Serve The Goddess help you schedule some me time?

We can do this in varying ways from spa services to massages and WEEKEND RETREATS.

Take a look at our brand new video to learn more about all that Serve The Goddess has to offer. We can help you or a loved one in need of some quality pampering and ‘me time’. As you make your way into 2016 with plans to focus more on staying centered, we invite you to join our Persephone Retreat January 15-17 2016 in Malibu, California.

Click HERE for the details and we’ll see you soon.



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