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August is Romance Awareness Month – Be Romantic on Every Level

August is Romance Awareness Month but what is romance? Romance is defined as a quality or feeling of mystery, excitement, and remoteness from everyday life. Romance can be defined as a tiny escape, a momentary vacation to a place of love and feelings of adoration.

This begs to question: What are the parameters of Romance? Most people tend to think Romance is limited to lovers or partners but in fact, the parameters are adjustable. Romance is beautiful and splendid and brings joy to all involved… and it can be shared among family, friends, mothers and daughters, lovers or partners and most especially with ourselves. Romance is not always flowers and candy or candle lit dinners. It may not mean a spontaneous trip to Paris on a private jet, although that would be totally amazing… Romance is simple as it is grand and its divine energy is magnetic and sweet from any angle – even if it’s just that we are romancing ourselves.

Bed of Roses for One
Bed of Roses for One

We romance ourselves daily in so many simple ways that we may not even realize: alone time, treating ourselves to something new, giving ourselves time to grieve or process an occurrence in our lives, massages, manicures, pedicures & facials. This list could go on and on. Just as any relationship, there are endless ways to show love and appreciation. Each day, we may unknowingly romance those around us with kind words, a little token of love or appreciation or sometimes just being present: showing up!

As you start to spiral from this week’s events into any plans you have for the weekend, you are invited to share some true deep romance with the universe; the same universe which exists in you.

Share the Deep Romance Within You.

Here are some 3 simple ways to keep the love alive with the breath in you and keep you connected mind, body and spirit:

  1. Create a 5 item gratitude list each morning or each night.
    It doesn’t matter if some of the items are repetitive. Maybe those are the things you are most grateful for.
  2. Take 3 long, deep, intentional breaths each morning AND each night.
    Follow that breath. Really get in touch with your breath. See the breath as a ball of white light and follow it as it travels through your body, taking oxygen to your cells and rejuvenating your mind, body & spirit connection.
  3. Take 10 minutes each night after a bath or shower and just be silent.
    Allow yourself to feel whatever you feel and be gentle with you, no matter what the feelings are. Close your eyes and stay in breath and give power only to that. Let the thoughts and feelings come and go. Just let them fly by and then release them

Remember, romance grows wherever you plant the seeds and it will blossom for as long as you nurture it. It is easy to bring romance to every part of your life – with friends, family members, lovers and yourself. Let this August ignite all romance in you and let it overflow into every area of your life. It will create a sea of love and escape for yourself and those around you. After all, romance is a sign of love and love is the highest frequency at which you can exist.

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