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Once in a Blue Moon. Attend our July 31st Full Moon Ceremony

The first day that man walked on the moon was July 20th, 1969. It was marked by NASA as “…the single greatest technological achievement of all time…”. Eleven astronauts left earth to embark on a journey that would allow Neil Armstrong to be the first man to step foot on the lunar surface. It was a moment he described as “one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”.

First man on moon
First man on moon

This day has since been celebrated as Moon Day.

And while the moon is certainly a beauty to adore and gives us light at night by reflecting the sun’s light as it magnificently shines on the other side of the earth, the moon also served as one of history’s calendar to the ancient Chinese, Babylonians, Greeks and Jews.

Sisters of the Moon
Sisters of the Moon

Our ancestors used the moon to hunt and fish and plant. The moon dictated the progress of time which has bought us to where we are now, the digital age.

In historical times, the moon was a source of light, a place to gather and its different phases would help people to know when to start new ventures, when to be aware of emotions and tides, among other things.

It was an era when people were more connected to nature and honored the sun and moon as they told the passage of time. The moon and its many phases were an integral part of history.

One great part of that history included moon gatherings. There were gatherings for new moons to celebrate the fresh starts and beginnings while full moons marked turning points, manifestations and closure.

In light of this, we created Full Moon Goddess Events to help awaken, inspire and motivate the Goddess in you.

Celebrating the moon alone is a grand gesture but gathering in circle creates a sacred space which amplifies the power of our intentions.

There is a full moon every month and every three years there are two full moons in one month – the “blue moon”. It’s where the term “once in a blue comes from “.

This month July 2015 will bring us a “blue moon”. There are two full moons this month and we will celebrate this “blue moon” on July 31st with our Full Moon Goddess Event -Awakening the Goddess Series.

Blue Moon

While all our Full Moon Goddess Events are special and empowering, we love the idea of celebrating this “blue moon” and charging our intentions together as a unit.

Circle of women under the Full Moon
Circle of women under the Full Moon

Whatever you do this full moon; remember the power of the light you see at night. Embrace the different phases and learn more about why the new moon and the full moon bring with it, power and explosive magic to our intentions.

Click here to attend our special ceremony with co hosts Lisa Vitta and Elizabeth Bell.

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