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Clear your mind before your massage session

“Are you being rude if you don’t talk to the massage therapist during my massage?” Absolutely not! A good massage therapist is focused on undoing your knots and kinks. Not chatting to you. If you have any health problems or concerns that could be affected by the massage or spa treatment, let us know prior to your session to help clear the air. Your massage therapist will talk to you during your session to check that the pressure is comfortable. To help you empty your mind and decompress we encourage you to breathe deeply so your mind focuses on the breath and not your thoughts. If your mind starts wandering, bring the focus back to your breath.

Bed of Roses for One
Bed of Roses for One

Ultimately it is your session so if you really do want to talk, avoid negative subjects. I have actually noticed some client’s hands clench during a session and it turns out they were thinking about something negative! Now that defeats the purpose of your massage doesn’t it?

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