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Full Moon in June. Check out our Ceremony.

Full Moon Goddess! Thank you for attending our second Full Moon Awakening the Goddess series -Artemis ceremony last week in the lovely home of Lisa Vitta. (If you missed it enjoy the photos + we’ll see you next time).

My co-hosts Lisa Vitta and Elizabeth Bell just love creating these ceremonies! What a precious gift; an evening of connection, heart opening and a targeted focus on your inner self. In our fast paced life, it can be a challenge to carve out an evening of devotion without work and family demands.

Would you like to delve deeper and learn more about the ancient Greek Goddess Artemis?

Leave the city for a weekend to restore, star gaze, wine taste and learn archery with a true Artemis on August 21-23rd in a private estate in Ojai, CA. You’ll have two glorious nights, delicious organic vegetarian food, chlorine free swimming pool and hot tub time. Consider this a retreat to bring you back home to yourself. Artemis would be so proud!

Your $200.00 deposit secures your place; to find out more click here.

If you didn’t catch the photos on our Facebook event page, here are some highlights. Below is a recap of the Four Sacred Paths to Artemis and an affirmation.

Full Moon in June
Full Moon in June some highlights
Special moments during our June Full Moon ceremony
Full Moon 1
Friends unite under the Full Moon

The Artemis anointing oil I came around with at the beginning of our ceremony was one of my Serve The Goddess blends and contains pure essential oils of Canadian pine (fir) oil, orange peel, lemon peel, lime and bergamont. It has a woody, fresh, sweet scent to entice you get out in nature!

We are planning another Full Moon ceremony in a couple of months, so stay in touch.

There’s nothing more magical than gathering with soul sisters like you under a Full Moon.

Sending oceans of love Goddesses.




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