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Goddess Artemis Retreat Aug 21-23rd in Ojai, CA

Hope you had a great Father’s Day weekend and celebrated with some of the special men in your life. We had a busy time relaxing husbands, dads and pampering clients at two spa parties over the weekend.

Father’s Day lead us right into Summer Solstice and we are so happy Summer is here!

If you’re looking to find some inspiring ways to celebrate, may I extend a personal invitation to our “A Day in the Life of an Ancient Greek Goddess-Artemis” weekend retreat to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul?

The truth is, it’s a challenge but we all deserve to take a couple of days off, for ourselves without being a mom, wife or career woman. It’s time to let the world stand by and wait. You can de-stress, rejuvenate, get away from the business of life and catch up all at the same time or come alone and enjoy some solitude.

Our second Goddess retreat featuring Artemis (Goddess of the hunt and wildlife and the protector of young girls and women) is in a private estate in Ojai, CA. This estate is situated on a ridge commanding panoramic views of the surrounding peaks and orchards. For centuries, California’s Ojai Valley has provided lush scenic beauty; solitude and spiritual comfort for its people-from the peaceful Chumash Indians to renowned authors, composers and spiritual leaders. Aldous Huxley treasured Ojai for its inner nature, and J. Krishnamurti called it “the most beautiful place on earth”. Ojai is known for its “pink moment” sunsets, mountain peaks, fruit orchards and majestic oaks. The 54 acre private estate boosts a koi pond, organic winery and a chlorine free swimming pool and hot tub.

Private estate in Ojai, CA where we will be holding our next retreat.

I chose the estate in Ojai for many reasons but especially it’s vast lawn and housing options for our weekend retreat. We often see Artemis the huntress with a silver bow and arrow and we’ll be spending half a day with archer Virginia Hankins. She’s a real Artemis.  Together we’ll learn how to aim, focus and fire our arrows in every aspect of our lives.

Who wants a weekend to restore, star gaze, wine taste and learn archery with a true Artemis-August 21-23rd in a private estate in Ojai, CA?  Two glorious days and nights that will include mythical re-enactments of Artemis myths, archery, delicious organic vegetarian food, chlorine free swimming pool and hot tub.

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