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Summer Sizzle for Your Love Life

Couples massage Summer time is here, quite evident by the filled beaches and boardwalks – everyone is trying to savor the flavor of sunshine and warmth. This time of year most likely means the kids are busy with summer camps or hanging out with friends. It also likely means there’s less commuting to school and other extracurricular activities for you and hopefully no homework. It might mean a little more time to sleep or more times to press that snooze button as well as a little extra time before the bed beckons for you to take your rest.

Whatever it means for you, we hope it means a little more time with your spouse or partner this summer – a little more time to connect and a deeper quest to rebuild and rekindle some romance.

One of the best ways to do this is to simply spend more time together – more walks, more talks, more feeling close… just simple togetherness. Couples MassageIf you would like to “jump start” your sizzling summer of love and romance, consider getting a couples massage, side by side, with two massage therapists. Indulge in full one hour soothing and blissful aromatherapy massages side by side for you and your beloved, in the comfort of your home or hotel suite. We turn your home or hotel suite into a romantic haven by burning incense and candles and we bring soothing music that will have you drifting away in no time. The rest of the evening we leave to you.

You may want to consider getting a couples massage lesson. You will be guided through the process and taught how to prepare for the experience and a full demonstration of various strokes. You will discuss all the healing benefits of a massage and how touch alone can create a better harmonious flow with you and your loved one.

Make use of these less hectic days and find some time to warm up your love connection as you prepare for the onset of Fall semester and every other event that comes along with it. Call us 877-726-5828 x 1

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