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How To Get Your Nails Ready For Summer

Summer is the ideal season to embrace bold hues, match your nails with your new outfit and experiment with new pastels as your skin gets that sun kissed glow.

If you’re in the mood to entirely step out of your shade comfort zone, lift your vibe, or want to upgrade your signature neutral manicure, there’s no shortage of nail polishes to try this summer.

Here are our nine favorite nail polish colors for summer 2018, so choose one that suits you. Thank you to our clients who didn’t mind lending a hand and foot for this post!

Pastel Yellow
A pale yellow is great for those who don’t want a bright nail color, but still want to get in on those colorful
summer vibes. It’s a perfect shade to switch to other than your usual pinks and reds.

Summer is all about those beach trips where you can soak up the sun and sea, so why not try a blue shade that matches the gorgeous Pacific Ocean like Cote Nail Polish in “No. 67” or Sally Hansen’s “Blue My Mind”?

During the sunny summer months, a nail polish that catches the light like this light purple shade will give your nails a subtle, pretty sparkle.

This multicolored nail look is perfect for summer and probably the easiest to accomplish if you’re painting your own nails. Simply pick a different color for each of your nails or two of them like the photo below. Then, repeat on the other hand.

My favorite. Make a bold statement with bright, clean white nails.


Summer is definitely the season to wear white, but not after Labor Day, and the color also makes a perfect base for graphic nail art like this pineapple art.

Dusty Rose
If you want to wear a pink other than one that’s millennial, this dusty rose color will go with all those floral dresses of yours while still feeling like a fresh shade.  Here’s another yellow again.

Bright Orange
If you’re all about bold nail colors, this electric orange that’s almost as bright as the summer sun will definitely make your nails pop. O.P. I says “this orange is the new pink” so you may want to try their  “Summer Lovin Havin a Blast.”

Beige and Nudes
Beige and nude colors are always popular especially when they sparkle as they catch the sun. This O.P.I “Love is in the Bare” is super feminine and flattering on every skin tone.

What is your favorite?

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