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July is Social Wellness Month

July is Social Wellness month.

Social Wellness is best described as one’s ability to interact with people around us and ultimately means creating a support system of friends and family.

This means learning communication skills to build strong relationships, not only with others but with ourselves. Social Wellness can only be mastered if we are our best selves to begin with.

Friends + family
Friends + family

Socializing once meant face to face gatherings only. However, technology has grown so much in the last 10 years, and social media has exploded into so many lives. All this has proven to be invasive and maybe a bit too personal at times.

Facebook alone can take up so many hours of our day as we expel so much energy just browsing through news-0feeds. We may find ourselves looking at pictures and articles that do nothing for us. It is so easy to get caught up in other people’s lives and the images they portray on social networks.

Beyond technology, we may find ourselves committed to several events, parties, gatherings, luncheons and dates that drain our energy.  This can lead to a deficit in your sacred pool of general wellness. Some people have learned to survive and get through days, weeks, months or even years of meeting all their social requirements whether it comes from family or work related obligations.

Eventually, they will burn out – like a flame with no ignition.

Sometimes we feel as if we fail others by not attending to every call or message or invitation.

A welcome resting place
A welcome resting place. Photo by Jeannie Shaw.

The truth is though, sometimes we fail ourselves by doing so.

We can’t attend to every call or message or invitation. The truth is we need to replenish ourselves daily in order to be able to give back to those around us – no matter who it is, or what they need.

It is pertinent that we are on a high and positive frequency in order to be our best selves. Taking time daily to meditate, pray or just to be quiet enough to hear our own voices is so vital to our survival in general. So many times, we are fixated on the right nutrition or the right exercise and we forget to nourish our spirit.

But what about mind, body and soul? They are connected and forever intertwined and balance of all three is necessity for survival. There is no one part of our livelihood that is more important that the other. Social wellness means we are well in general. It means we are well enough to give to others and it means we are well enough to know when to say NO.

Great lawn at our Aug 21st retreat location
Great lawn at our Aug 21st retreat location

As the next couple weeks of July present themselves to you, please take a moment each day to be quiet enough to hear yourself, even if it means you managed to accomplish those moments while eating or doing some Yoga.

The point is that you will have taken some time to unwind and replenish your spirit with silence or breaths or simple acknowledgement of this great and wonderful life. Join a meditation group, start a prayer circle or consider our “A Day in the Life of an Ancient Goddess Retreat – Kali & Sekhmet” in Ojai, California from August 4th to 6th, 2017.

Whatever you do, we encourage you to find ways to balance your mind, body and soul so that you can be well.

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