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Do It, Just Because…

Sometime in the late 1950s what began as a family celebration turned into a national holiday called Just Because Day. It was started by Joseph J Godwin of Loas Gatos, California. The rhyme and reason behind it seems a bit unclear but the name alone lends to the interpretation. According to research, Mr Godwin one day decided to give his wife a transistor radio, just because. He had made a conscious decision to honor his life, family and time by choosing to do things ‘Just Because’. Eventually the word got out and people started to celebrate ‘Just Because Day’ worldwide.

It seems like we are always waiting for a special day to do, say or buy something. We wait for the designated day to go somewhere. We may even send ‘Good Morning’ texts and the like at the most expected times. We come up with the most fitting gifts for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and the like and feel more justified some how to act on those days. I would imagine that one day Mr Godwin wanted to gift his wife with the radio but didn’t want to wait for some day on the calendar that would dictate the right time to do so. He wanted to celebrate – in that moment. It actually makes the act even more special because there’s no logic behind it. It doesn’t fit a day or a time or a season. It’s “Just Because”. Why not send a “Happy 10:47am” text, just because?

Just Because

Just Because Day can be celebrated in so many ways that don’t even include spending. Why wait for special occasions to do something or wear something. Wear that dress you have been saving for the right time or the new sleepwear that you keep saving for that special someone. Book a spa day for yourself or with friends just because it’s Wednesday and you could use some rejuvenation in your life!

Get a Facial Just Because

You don’t need a reason to come home and open all the windows, light some scented candles and just dwell in gratitude. Immerse yourself in all the goodness around you, just because. Call a friend outside of the usual time, write a love letter and send it snail mail for a change, just because. Life is too short to wait on calendar dates and society’s time slots to do or act on what our inner voices are telling us.

Wait no more: send that any time of the day text, send a little note by snail mail, buy that birthday gift as a today gift, reserve a massage brought to you at your office or in your home… Just Because.


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