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Keep Romance Alive All Year Long and On Valentine’s Day.

Did you know Valentine’s Day is rooted in the celebration of fertility also known as the festival of Lupercalia and was actually celebrated on February 15th before the year 496. Pope Gelasius then changed it to February 14th and declared it as a Christian feast day calling it St. Valentine’s Day. There are so many stories and legends written about how Valentine’s Day came to life stemming from both Christian and ancient Roman tradition. These stories include one saint named Valentine who kept marrying young couples against the wishes of the Emperor. The other story includes a story about a saint named Valentine who was imprisoned and fell in love with his jailer’s daughter. He wrote her love letters signing off with “From Your Valentine” – whichever of the legends is true, it made Saint Valentine one of the most popular saints in all of England and France. Other stories tie Valentine’s Day to the beginning of birds’ mating season.

Couples MassageAs interesting as the history may unfold to us, in this day and age, Valentine’s Day is simply known as the day of love and is especially celebrated among couples.

February is also known as Creative Romantic Month. So, romance and love are not limited to February 14th.

It’s all month long and if you’re really committed to romance, it can be all year long!

Valentine’s Day is the celebration of love and is the second most popular card sending day after Christmas. Here at Serve The Goddess, it’s one of our busiest times of the year as we arrange many couples massages throughout the entire month of February. Cards and love notes are a sweet expression of love but there are so many ways to show love to someone from simple notes or gestures to grand gifts of high monetary value. As long as it leaves the person with a memorable feeling of being treasured and appreciated, the gift of love and romance is priceless.

Spa PartyIf you feel like you could use some assistance for Valentine’s Day this year, Serve The Goddess is here for you. We can help you to bring and keep romance alive in your love relationships. And, by love relationships we are referring to anyone you love – husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, friend or family. You can arrange a couples massage for you and yours, or purchase a gift certificate for that special someone in your life – maybe even a spa party for you and two or more girlfriends to celebrate love of self or for each other. We also have spa day offers for you plus one.

Valentine’s Day is about connection and love and the many varying ways to enhance or nurture it. As Valentine’s Day rolls around, be sure that your plans to show some love is one that leaves the right feeling of being fully thought of, considered, adored and treasured.

Spend some time making love notes, purchasing some roses, some jewelry or any fitting gift/s for your loved one and add the gift of touch to their Valentine’s Day. Visit Serve The Goddess and click on Specials to see what we have to offer this Valentine season and let us help you keep romance alive all year long.



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