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Kids Back To School – Time for a Couple’s Massage

Summer usually means busy schedules with our kids if you have them, and feeling like there’s hardly a break from finding ways to keep them entertained and safe.

It can be a wonderful time to connect with your kids but it could also be a time where you find yourself disconnected from your partner.  You know…a time just for the two of you.

Alas, the vacation time is over and there may be a huge sigh of relief coming from the depths of your soul that your kids are back at school and routine has found itself back in your home. Summer’s departure could also mean that your child or children have either returned to college or have made their debut as a freshman in a fruitful academic program that will keep them busy for the next few years.

Either way, your days and maybe some nights find you with a little more free time than the last couple months have provided, especially if you suddenly became an “empty-nester”.

The good news is that this now gives you time to reconnect with your partner and find new and creative ways to reignite the bond between you both.  Serve The Goddess understands the importance of connection and touch. Touch provides an easy way for you to feel on top of the world and lets the stress of daily life drift away, all the while loving  your partner.

Let me introduce… The Couple’s Massage Handbook


Imagine being able to experience the healing power of touch through massage from someone you already know and trust – simultaneously reigniting the flame between you and your loved one.

This book will take you from a bumbling beginner to a passionate pro in no time at all. Couple’s Massage Handbook has taken all the guess work out for you – from the tools, oils and music needed and the best locations for the massage, including an easy sequence to flow with in any given time slot you may have.

Besides tips and tools to make your love light shine, here are some amazing things you will discover about touch, and its benefits in your life:                                                                                                                                cou0oes2015_C
•    How to stimulate all the senses of your partner throughout the massage, making it more enjoyable
•    Proper massage techniques so you won’t tire easily
•    How to turn your home into a spa-like atmosphere to enhance your time together
•    Your spiritual side and connect on a deeper level
•    How to be mindful and focused so that the massage flows effortlessly

I have spent the last 15 years working with couples helping them to relax and connect through the healing power of touch. Couple’s Massage Handbook: Deepen Your Relationship with The Healing Power of Touch explores the amazing magic of touch which stimulates all the senses and helps you and your partner to connect on a deeper level.


My goal is to bring massage to touch deprived couples whose lives have been taken over by everyday hassles of running a family, work, technology and multi-tasking. Rejuvenate your body, boost your energy, and reconnect with your partner – perfectly shared opportunity to enhance your relationship AND feel good at the same time.

Oftentimes there is no quick fix for the rekindling of romance but Couple’s Massage Handbook is a passionate way to start!

Click here to purchase your copy of Couple’s Massage Handbook on Amazon.


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