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March 1st National Day of UnPlugging. Try these tips to get away from technology.

Who’s running your life; technology and your smart phone?

As much as I love and use it every day, technology can keep us all from being present.  I had a conversation with a client earlier today and she admits that she finds it’s difficult to relax when she’s away from her phone and she can’t seem to break the habit.

Today, March 1st is National Day of Unplugging. So from sun up to sundown let’s commit to unplug.

I don’t know about you, but when I unplug and take a walk in nature, I enjoy being without my phone.  I relish the sense of freedom and being in the “here and now”.  That’s why I take a walk;  it’s so I can be away from technology.

Smart phones can be so addictive; if you happen to gaze down to check and see if you have a text or email you’re likely to miss the scenery, the breezes, the birds singing, the sun and the smells of nature along the way. I see just about everyone talking on their phone. I see Mothers with their babies talking on their phone. I see dog owners talking on their phones. I see couples on a date talking on their phones.  Why aren’t they talking to each other?

If you’re struggling to break the habit here are ways to help you unplug.

Choose at least 20 minutes of time during your day where you won’t be distracted by work or the needs of your family and turn your off your smart phone or step away from your computer.

Leave your phone at home and take a walk outside in your neighborhood, stroll through your local farmer’s market or take a walk down at the beach.

Play some music.  Choose music or sounds that are relaxing and simply enjoy the music.

Take a long, warm soak in the bath tub.

Give yourself a body scrub.

Write a gratitude note to a friend and mail it.  Imagine how special they will feel receiving your note in the mail.

Start a journal and make daily entries.

Make a lunch date with your mom, sibling or best friend and catch up with your news.

Sign up for a local class; it could be a wine education class, a cooking class, or a singing class. Whatever takes your fancy!

Read one of your books you got for Christmas.

Join a book club.

Bake a cake from scratch and surprise your honey when he comes home tonight.

Try out a new dinner recipe. I subscribe to Real Simple magazine and they have some easy weekday dinners.

Enjoy a cup of tea or fruit infused water and afterwards sit in your favorite comfy chair and take some long deep breaths.  See if you can keep your eyes closed and keep breathing deeply for five to ten minutes.

See you did it, you unplugged.  It wasn’t so hard was it?  Let me know how refreshed you feel afterwards.

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