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Staff Appreciation Chair Massage + Mini Manicures – The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Our spa team ready to relax you.

The time to celebrate your staff is now. It doesn’t have to wait and “special moments” are not required even though special moments surely warrant celebration and appreciation.

The trick sometimes is to find the ideal way to show appreciation for your hard working staff – oftentimes we think of an item or chocolates or a coffee cup wrapped in special paper with many other treats to follow.

We had the honor of bringing a token of appreciation to a team of housekeeping staff in Pasadena. It brought much needed relaxation and rejuvenation to them and a whole heap of reward for us. Our massage therapists and nail technicians love what they do! Knowing that with just a few minutes of massage and nail care, someone’s whole energy can change and those around them too.

Our manicure station.

15 minute neck and shoulder massages will do a world of wonder for your team as individuals or as a group. Add a mini manicure to the mix and it’s a match made in heaven. Massage and spa services have a high perceived value because they are considered a luxury and quite possibly your staff doesn’t have the means or the time to get these kinds of things done for themselves. But you can do it for them!

Boost Your Staff’s Morale. By choosing a day and a time slot of a few hours of pampering, you are showing your team how much they mean to your company and how much you value them. Knowing how much you care will carry them through more moments than a simple gift would do otherwise.

Neck and shoulder massage




Consider a Day of Pampering an investment in the livelihood of the people who make the wheels in your organization go round.

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