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Mother’s Day-3 Things to Comfort Yourself When Mom Isn’t Around Any More

Mother’s Day is around the corner and for those of us without a mother; it can be a tough emotional time. It’s amazing how this loss of a mother can carry over for decades. It doesn’t matter what age a woman is when she loses her mom, the loss seems always feel grand and hard hitting.

I have seen women way up in their 80s still drop tears at the blink of an eye when memories of their mothers come flooding in. Imagine what this loss feels like for a younger girl who either hasn’t even begun to live or her life or was just on the brink of starting?  Most times moms are the most influential person in someone’s life – the giver of life herself, the nurturer, and the healer.

This is what Hope Edelman writes about in her book “Motherless Daughters”. She was so devastated losing her mom at 17 years old that she started luncheon events that go across more than a dozen cities including Vancouver, Canada and Melbourne Australia. It’s a support group for women who feel each other’s pain -all who can relate to the feeling of emptiness that losing a mother brings.

The loss changes lives and for some, it can feel like it takes eons to get over. Eventually we find our way – we seek ways to take care of ourselves and to trust our own voices since the “guide” has departed. Sometimes this means talking us through things or maybe thinking the way she would – somewhat channeling her into our situation to see some kind of clarity on how to proceed. We get into that “what would mom do” state of mind. Likely, things like her birthday, the holidays and Mother’s Day might feel hard to get through, but there are ways to cope. There are simple things you can do to comfort yourself or a friend who understands this loss.

Here are 3 Things to Comfort Yourself When Mom Isn’t Around Any More:

Take a deep breath in and release.
Take a deep breath in and release.
  1. Spend Time in Nature
  2. Pamper Yourself with Spa Services
  3. Sign Up for Motherless Daughters Events

Spend Time in Nature

What better way to honor your mother than to spend time where Mother Nature lives – where grass grows without effort and where nutrients and herbal remedies spring from the earth – like the ultimate natural state of wellness and goodness.

Spending time in Mother Nature helps you to release any feelings you have that are tied to loss or pain. Drench yourself in the health and wonder of nature and exhale all the pain away.

Pamper Yourself with Spa Services

You may consider getting an in home Spa Day on your calendar as a way to nurture yourself.

This is guaranteed self-love from someone else so that all you have to do is to receive the loving touch, just as mom gave you. This opportunity for self-care gives you a moment to surrender to the care and nurturing from someone else. You can choose to have combined services of a facial, a massage and a manicure/pedicure. This brings care to you from head to toe and is guaranteed to leave you with a sense of warmth, knowing someone cared just for you.

Sign Up for Motherless Daughters Events

You may also sign up for luncheon events to meet other women who can relate to your pain. Find out where these luncheons are happening click:

Sometimes all we need is to be in circle with other people who have endured similar losses to be reminded that we are not alone.


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