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National Splurge Day-You Are Worth It.

As the years go by we find ourselves waiting for certain days to arrive so that we can treat ourselves. We wait for our birthdays, Christmas holidays, Mother’s Day – always in waiting. It’s as if to treat ourselves we need some sort of justification. Random days would not warrant our going overboard to give ourselves a treat, be it a wrist watch, a trip, accessories, jewelry, a spa day or anything that would tickle our fancy. Some 20 plus years ago, one woman grew weary of waiting for a special day to arrive in order that she may treat herself. Some number written on a calendar would no longer dictate when or how or if she could give herself a little something special and even go overboard if she felt like it.

Splurge day Her name is Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith and she calls herself “America’s premier eventologist”. And, what an event she has created.

It’s all about you! And, if that means including your friends or a family member or no one at all, it’s to spend on anything you want. It’s to spend without restriction, without guilt, or explanation. Splurge as you see fit. There is no day that you should be waiting on that should give you permission that today, because you have turned 31 or today because its Christmas or whatever other day… that this is the day you are allowed to splurge. In fact, it actually means you don’t even have to wait on National Splurge Day. It means you are free to do you and provide for you as you see fit. It sings with great melody that you are worth spending on and treating at any time. Any time at all. There is great power in the notion of National Splurge Day. It suggests a lot more than spending. It simply says, “You are worth it”.

GiftsThere are so many ways to enjoy this day and celebrate it. Keep in mind it is encouraging freedom and power in a sense. This means it invites you to search yourself for what will make you happy today. What would you purchase or spend on if you had no fear and no guilt.

So what are you going to splurge on? Would you want some time alone? Take care of your skin?  Maybe release some tension in your body? Or would you be willing to spend on some connecting with your girlfriends who you haven’t seen for a while? The list can go on and on. The point of the splurge would be to satisfy you, as long as it makes you happy, without guilt or fear and it does not limit you to spend on possessions or material things. It is to splurge on YOU!

MassageWe at Serve The Goddess can totally relate to this day. It is what we are about. We are about YOU. We help you to connect to your inner goddess. And we know that you deserve nurturing and we want you to understand how powerful and amazing you really are. We don’t want to wait until your birthday or Christmas or Mother’s day to remind you. Women, especially, take on so much in their day to day lives. It’s good to celebrate birthdays and the like. It’s also good to know when you need to celebrate today – now. Splurge on yourself or time with your girlfriends or your partner or your daughter. Just as National Splurge Day encourages you to live in the now and celebrate any moment as you see fit without guilt or fear, so does Serve The Goddess. Give yourself the gift of something you have always wanted or give yourself the gift of centering your mind and spirit. Spend some time lost in a facial or a massage, a spa party with your girlfriends or attend our next Goddess Retreat coming up on August 21 and 22 in Ojai, California.

RetreatAll we encourage is that whatever you splurge on let it serve you well. You are a goddess and you deserve all the joy and richness of this life – whatever that may be or mean for you.

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