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News of our Next Retreat and Road Trip to Shalom Institute

My assistant and I headed out last Tuesday for a visit to The Shalom Institute in the mountains of Malibu, where we will host our next retreat with focus on the goddess Persephone. These road trips to our retreat sites are a way to check out the venue and they inspire the pace and vibration of each retreat.  We particularly enjoy these road trips as they help us to connect with nature which brings certain calm and clarity, like nothing else can bring.

We took off in the earlier part of the morning with great hopes of missing the seemingly grand convoy of traffic that always soaks up the freeways in Southern California. Unfortunately we didn’t have any luck. Everyone one else was out on the roads – going somewhere. What to do? Nothing but sit back and enjoy the ride. Much like life, some things are just out of your control and you can either go with the flow, or waste your energy swimming against the current of life.

As the congestion grew thinner, we found ourselves on canyon roads and the beauty of the mountains embraced us. The winding roads made for a bit of adventure and sight-seeing while we made our way to the venue. Soon the air felt cleaner, the green seemed to get greener and then we arrived – bliss!

Mountains of Malibu
Mountains of Malibu

The Shalom Institute is a retreat center tucked away on 220 acres in the mountains of Malibu, 5 miles from the beach and 0 miles from your center. It has expansive facilities that include: Olympic-size Swimming Pool, Organic Farm & Animal Education Center, Motel Style Housing, Winterized Yurts for Massages, Horse Center & Riding Trails, Arts & Craft Pavilion, Fire Pit, Waterfalls, Miles of Hiking Trails & a Labyrinth. The rooms are spacious and you will be comfortable whether you register individually, bring a friend or or choose to be matched with another guest.

Olympic-sized Pool
Olympic-sized Pool

As we toured the property and became more familiar with all its amenities, we realized that it fits Persephone in so many ways. On the last leg of our visit, we glided down the path to the sacred Labyrinth and the rest of the world disappeared. The meditation posts along the way provided some great reflection. As we entered the Labyrinth, we noticed the mountains standing tall around us and the wind chiming to the tune of power and connection to self.

The Shalom Institute is THE place to connect to Persephone and E-X-H-A-L-E.

Drumming in the Labyrinth
Helen drumming in the Labyrinth

When Jan 15th 2016 rolls around, you will be full of newness and resolutions. Our special guest for this retreat  is Dream Expert, Kelly Sullivan Walden.

Kelly with her dream circle will provide the reinforcement you need to propel forward with all your goals and dreams.  Serve The Goddess Persephone Retreat will solidify the resolutions you will have made only a couple weeks before, and it will help to ground you in your truth and hopes for the future.

Kelly Sullivan Walden, Dream Expert

Persephone awaits and The Shalom Institute welcomes you so please join us. Details and registration is here.


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