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Oscar Season Are You Red Carpet Ready?

Are You Red Carpet Ready?

What will you be doing next Sunday March 2nd as the celebrities and movie stars step out of their limousines and glide across the red carpet? I hope you said “I’m hosting an Oscar party for all of my friends” because that sounds like fun.

Here are some ways you can transform from the ordinary to the extraordinary and get yourself ready for the big event:

1. Start off the day by soaking in a relaxing bath. Toss in any combination of sea salt, Epsom salt, Himalayan salt, Dead Sea salt, Bentonite clay, baking soda, almond oil, and a fragrant blend of your favorite skin-friendly essential oils. You’ll feel the tension melt away and will enjoy your party more later on.

2. While you’re in the bath, you can also apply a gentle and nourishing body scrub made with sugar, salt, cooking oil and essential oils to exfoliate older skin and therefore reveal a smooth and healthy-looking glow. Having healthy skin as your canvass will help your make-up application last long past the “Best Picture Oscar goes to…” speech. Also, think about how much more dazzling your gown will be if you also have soft and smooth shoulders, arms and legs beneath.

3. Of course, we can’t forget the pedicure. Pamper your feet before you slide them into those gorgeous shoes. Neglected feet can ruin an entire look especially if you’re wearing strappy heels, so make sure to clean and trim your nails and apply a really vibrant polish color.

4. And then there’s the manicure. Have you seen the “Mani Cam” yet? People are getting really creative on how they present their hands as they let their fingers strut down the mini red carpet. The designs are whimsical and add a really fun element in the otherwise formal setting. I invite you to try your hand at some nail art and then send me a photo and I’ll post it here.

Now that you’ve done your Oscar-winning spa services you’re red carpet ready, enjoy the Oscars and may the best movies win.

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