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Podcast Couple’s Massage Handbook – It’s Not What You Think

Recently, I enjoyed recording a wonderful podcast with Lena Anani. Lena interviews authors from all over the globe on her podcast called She Wrote A Book.


Lena Anani is a self-help author and a comedy writer – great combination for sure. She reaches in and tugs at your inner magic, helping you to bring it to life and let it shine. I was thrilled to be a part of her venture about women authors.

As we discussed my book Couple’s Massage Handbook, I realized that many people might be inclined to think it’s simply a manual discussing techniques, strokes and my qualifications. But, just like life, there’s so much more to it than that.

Couple’s Massage Handbook is truly about connection, love and most importantly the healing power of touch. I am very passionate about bringing people together – to love, to share and to heal.

Life can so easily get in the way of relationships and just as we have to work at everything else we want, we also need to work on our relationships. The handbook also has a little history on massage,  different massage strokes and techniques and helps to cultivate a deeper bond between the couple. And most important, how to prepare for your experience mentally and physically and how to set up a serene environment in your home.

It’s not just about touch but to touch with the intention to connect – to connect with the intention to grow – to love with the intention to heal.

Touch is love and it is vital to any connection we have – it’s one of the main ingredients given to help nurture a newborn. The need for touch and connection is innate in all of us. As we mature and get into relationships, touch helps to keep the love alive. Deciding to make your relationship work and deepen includes making real time for it, just as you would your appointments at work, your doctor or massage therapist.

Take a listen to our podcast and enjoy a quick interview with myself and Lena discussing why Couple’s Massage Handbook – Deepen Your Relationship with the Healing Power of Touch is an ideal book for your love life, a gift or just some extra knowledge.

Here’s the link the podcast  here  and a link to purchase your copy.

Don’t you think it’s time to acknowledge the light within to help to make it shine brighter – through touch, connection, love and intention.

Set time aside to connect before your Couple’s Massage so you can be calm and present.


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