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Spa Mani + Secret Proposal Comes Off Without a Hitch

This past Friday found us so excited for a special someone in Hermosa Beach. She was carrying on her day without the slightest clue (we hope) that later, she would be pampered and treated by us, Serve The Goddess – all for the sake of a secret marriage proposal coming her way and a treat after a tough work week.

Her fiance had gone above and beyond to make his secret proposal extra special. He called us to set up an in-home gel manicure for his soon to be fiance in preparation for the magical moment. Previously she’d told him she had always wanted to try gel manicure so he thought this would be the perfect opportunity. Also, on a recent visit to her nail salon, she had mentioned she was now sensitive to the toxic environment there. Our in-home mobile spa services do not come with all the exposure to the toxic air typically associated with salons. This is ONE of many reasons why in-home spa services are such a delight – your service can be brought to you minus the toxic exposure. In-home spa services are also super convenient!  Why drive to a salon when we can drive to you.

Our client had really done some serious planning and most guys don’t think like this.

After he called us to set the appointment, he left a note on the door at home. When she got home after a long tough week at work, she would find this note saying that she would be getting these surprise spa services. His thoughtfulness really struck us. He wanted her to feel special and of course he wanted her nails to look good in her pictures, which she was sure to take to show off her ring to family and friends.

Here’s the manicure, minus the ring.

It all went smoothly. She had no idea what was to happen after her services.

This series of events was so thoughtful and kind, in fact the best kept secret for 2017 so far.

Serve The Goddess can help with even more in home services if you too would like to pull out all the stops for your girlfriend’s proposal, or you too can drop all the hints.

We wish our new client and fiance all the best on their engagement and future nuptials. We were honored to be a part of it.

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