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Secrets to a Stress-Free Wedding

It’s down to the wire, and you find yourself pulling out your hair because the florist is slow at returning your calls, the tailor is taking too long to alter your gown, and you can’t decide which dish to serve at the reception. With all of the organizing, arranging, and negotiating involved, planning a wedding can be very stressful.

Even if you have a wedding planner, you’re still facing hurdles of your own when it comes to surviving the wedding stress, trying to ensure that everything flows smoothly on the big day.

With a few tips you can enjoy the planning and make it less of a chore.

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Give yourself enough time to plan ahead.

Picture your wedding day the way you want it, visualize all of the details clearly in your mind, and stay focused on what you want. Remember, if you fail to dream, you will live your nightmare, so figure out what it is you want and go for it.

With this mental image, you can list all of the details, and one by one you can check them off as they are completed. Having this list is a huge stress-buster and helps you sleep at night. Give yourself as much time as possible to dream about your wedding, write down all of your goals, budget for each area, and have time for a breather.

Speaking of a breather, how do you want to feel on your wedding day?

Exhausted or relaxed, centered and calm? Schedule some self-care time with a massage every week for four weeks prior to your big day! This is will calm your nerves and soothe your soul. While planning your wedding you may have found that it has essentially taken over your life. You need to reclaim your life, even if it is only for a day or for a few hours, and take some time for yourself. Another perfect way to do this is to schedule a facial, which will clean, soften, and smooth the skin. This treatment leaves your face hydrated and renewed for your wedding day!

Have reasonable expectations.

This is actually considered the number one stress factor — desperately seeking perfection. You must remember what your main goal is, and that is to marry the one you love the most in the entire world. Setting expectations that are too high will create stress and lead to frustration, then more stress.
Remember, things will go wrong; you are dealing with people and lots of variables. Don’t sweat the small stuff — the key is to respond to issues and avoid overreacting. The best way to ensure that things don’t go wrong is to plan carefully, track faithfully, and confirm diligently.

Don’t stress out about people or problems you can’t control.

 Sadly, weddings sometimes bring out the worst in people. Maybe Aunt Annabelle and Aunt Phyllis are sniping about having to be in the same room together. Maybe your best friend just broke off her engagement and is too jealous to be much of a help. You can’t control other people’s behavior. All you can do is be nice to everyone and let them work out their own baggage.

There may also be many people around you who want to have their say over how your wedding should be arranged. Nevertheless, this is your day, and while you will want to accommodate others’ views, much stress can be avoided if you start as you mean to go on, clearly asserting your wishes and plans wherever possible. Being honest is the best policy all around.

Another way to shift the attention away from everyone else’s interests is to do something nice for someone. You will be surprised how good (and relaxed) you will feel by making someone else feel good. A personalized gift certificate for spa services is a great way to spread positive energy in someone else’s life. And perhaps this will have a “pay it forward” effect!

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Stick to a realistic budget.

Since money is such an easy thing to fight about, make sure you sit down at the beginning of the process, agree on how much money you’re going to spend, and stick to it! Most of the time this is easier said than done, but it can also bring you closer to those you love. If everyone is on the same page and in agreement, things will go much more smoothly. And knowing that you won’t be paying off credit card debt for years will cut your stress level down considerably. This goes for the honeymoon too.

Along those same lines, our individual spa services suit any budget. Maybe you want to do something a little special for your partner? You can treat him like a king with one whole blissful hour of massage, a reflexology foot massage, and a spa pedicure. You can do all this without breaking the bank. Just ask us about our packages.
Make time to connect with your partner.
Often we get so caught up with all of the details that we forget the most important thing– the marriage! When it comes down to it, the quality of your flower arrangements does not matter. The quality of your marriage does. Try to spend some relaxing time together as a couple and reflect upon your good fortune of finding one another.
What is more romantic and relaxing than a couples massage? Our Cupid’s Delight is a full one-hour long soothing, blissful aromatherapy massage side-by-side. We turn your home into a romantic haven by burning incense and candles, and we bring soothing music that will have you drifting away in no time. The rest of the evening is left up to you!

Want to know more about our Cupid’s Delight massage from a couple who experienced it together. Check out what our client Terry Elzinga had to say…

“Cupid’s Delight was made for couples. We shared a romantic evening in the privacy and comfort of our own home that included a wonderful Cupid’s Delight couple’s massage with candlelight and music! There was no drive to and from a spa. All we had to do was put on our robes. After Helen left we slid into our Jacuzzi, gazed at the stars and sipped champagne. It was a truly romantic and relaxing evening.”

Have fun!

Grab a few girlfriends and go out for the day shopping for bridesmaid dresses, or perhaps when you visit a venue for the reception, make a night of it and stay to have a meal. It doesn’t have to be all arranging and stress!


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