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Self Improvement September is Calling You

The meaning of self is vast and varying for people and therefore must be considered holistically when we consider the term self improvement as we venture into September: Self Improvement Month.

Self is described as a person’s essential being that distinguishes them from others. When we look in the mirror, we identify with that reflection as self.

If we are engaged in daily meditation, we might refer to self as that breath that we follow as it travels in and out of our bodies on our inhales and exhales. We may consider self to be our job title, social or marital status and whether we are a mother or father, sister or brother.

Self-improvement begins within
Photo by: Lucinda Rae

While we are always learning at just about every waking minute of our lives, we may not be fully engaged in the process of self improvement. In fact, we could possibly be self destructive without realizing it.

Self Improvement month is about taking an active and intentional role in the betterment of all that you are, embracing your many representations of self. A good way to embrace September’s inviting attempt at creating a better you is to make a list of the areas in which you want to improve. That list could include improving yourself physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and socially. The important thing is that you connect with what each category means for you. It could mean completely different needs for each person.

Self-improvement will lead to self-confidence
Photo by: Lucinda Rae

Self improvement could mean categorizing these areas and making lists of ways to improve them.

It could also mean that there’s only one area that you really want to work on. Whatever that area might be, it should resonate with you deeply and profoundly.

This month, you are invited to connect with self.

You can start with taking more walks or making your current walks longer.

You can start with taking more time to meditate and being silent enough to hear that voice within. This might mean taking an extra five minutes each day to simply sit in silence or attend a weekend goddess retreat to help you connect with the goddess within. You can also start with some pampering time by scheduling more time for self-care that includes spa services.

These simple acts of kindness to your skin, nails, toes and body tells the universe that you are connected to who you are, holistically. It speaks about the care you are willing to give yourself as a professional, a mother, a daughter, a wife or whatever your daily activities find you most engaged in. Inhale and follow your breath and know, without a sliver of doubt, that you deserve whatever self care and self improvement is needed in order to always feel good about who you are: mind, body and spirit.

May this September find you enthralled in all that serves you well and serves you best.

Remember, the better you are for you, the better you are for everyone else. Serve the Goddess.


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