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Skin Care Routine For Summer

The long, hot, lazy summer days are here.  You spend the weekends at the beach, catch up with friends and dive into some summer reading. That’s right; we’re in prime summertime and the living-is-easy but unfortunately, not for your skin. Your skin needs diligent protection especially when you’re spending more time outdoors.

Here is a skin care routine to help protect your skin from the harsh effects of sun.

1. Use a very good sunscreen.
UVA rays damage skin and can contribute to skin cancer. You should choose a sunscreen that offers broad-spectrum protection (from UVA & UVB).  The more time you spend outside (or near a window, if you work indoors), the more essential it is. Look for a sunscreen with at least a SPF coverage 20 UVA/UVB containing zinc oxide, and apply regularly. Zinc oxide is a natural mineral which provides the safest and most effective protection against UV rays. Unlike chemical sunscreens, zinc forms a physical barrier on the skin, reflecting the sun’s rays rather than absorbing them. Zinc Oxide is the best performing ingredient for blocking both UVA and UVB rays.

2. Treat your skin with an antioxidant booster.
Eating antioxidants like blueberries, strawberries, plums, prunes, spinach and kale is one way to get glowing, even-toned skin, but applying them directly to your face may have long-term effects too. Look for a key ingredient, quercetin when choosing an antioxidant. Quercetin is found in apple skin and has been shown to be more powerful than vitamin C in evening out the skin’s tone.

3. Give your face a daily massage.
Face massage is my favorite part of a facial – sure it’s yours too! It isn’t just a feel-good indulgence—with consistency, it can actually change the quality, clarity, and resilience of your skin. To start, select your favorite face oil.

Apply the oil to damp skin by rubbing a few drops between your palms and patting it in.
Next use your middle and index fingers to make tiny circles around your temples.
From here, adding a little space between them, swipe from the neck up to the chin as shown in the photo below.
Next follow the directions of the other strokes going back and forth a minimum of three times for each stroke.
Finish by taking your thumbs to the middle of your forehead (third eye area) and swipe upward, alternating thumbs, in short, calming strokes. Notice how glowing your skin looks afterwards!

4. Strengthen your skin.

If you’re out in the sun for any length of time, even with sunscreen, it’s a good idea to avoid products and treatments that temporarily weaken the skin’s barrier. Common agents that make skin more photosensitive include retinol products, any products containing citrus essential oils – orange, lemon for example, strong exfoliating acids, and laser treatments.

You also will want to talk to your doctor, as some medications make the skin more photosensitive.

With these steps combined with a healthy lifestyle and by wearing a wide brimmed sun hat, your summer skin will be radiant!

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