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Spa Day – 3 Ways to Treat Your Best Friend

We were given the privilege of sharing one of the most surprising and loving moments between two best friends that really touched us.

So it got us thinking. What is a best friend?

Sometimes it means the girlfriend you are always with or someone who lives across the other side of the globe, but knows all your deepest darkest secrets. A best friend can be the person who knows you at your best and your worse, or it can be that one person you know you can call on for anything at all. Sometimes that best friend is your mom, dad, a sibling, or daughter.
There are no absolute parameters that limit what a best friend is. The one common denominator would be that definitely your best friend is dear to you. Many times in life it’s the tiniest of gestures that go the longest way. When you impact someone’s life in a way that brings them to a state of joy and a feeling of being appreciated, you have given them one of the greatest gifts of life. You have given them the gift of love.

The surprise that touched us so much this month involved a birthday massage treat that was planned without skipping a beat. Imagine going to dinner and returning to a room draped with white, candles flickering casting a soft glow with a rejuvenating massage awaiting your presence.  Oh and did we mention; some delicious chocolate dipped strawberries for your eating pleasure and a glass of champagne. How divine and thoughtful! How kind and loving! What a wonderful best friend gesture that is. We wondered how many people really go all out to show the best friend or friends in their life just how much they are cared about and thought of. Our recent experience inspired us.
Here are 3 ways you can treat your best friend this summer!

1.Book an in-home spa day with your best friend.

Enjoy a manicure poolside at home. Get your hands and feet pampered and treated in the comfort of your own home, office or hotel room. There is no driving for you as we travel to your location. Surprise your best friend or plan it as a “best friend date”. Share stories and catch up or just sit in silence enjoying the world of pampering that manicures and pedicures bring to you.

Enjoy a manicure poolside at home.
Enjoy a manicure poolside at home.

2.Buy her one of our aromatherapy perfumes.

Invite her to take our Goddess quiz online and find out which Greek Goddess she identifies with, if she doesn’t already know. She may find she identifies with more than one. Many of us do or we change as the years go by. Find out which Greek Goddess best relates to your best friend and surprise her with a matching Goddess aromatherapy perfume and massage or body oil. She can enjoy the scent of the massage oil during one of our in home massages or it can become a part of her nightly routine when she uses the body oil. And, each day she can delight her natural being with the matching aromatherapy perfume to carry her through her day.

Aphrodite roll on perfume. You'll love the floral scent.
Aphrodite roll on perfume. You’ll love the floral scent.

 3.Book a surprise massage.

Rent a hotel room for a girls’ night or weekend and decorate the room by draping the door frames with some white and golden trim panels like our client did. It will give the room a feeling of renewal and elegance. White brings a sense of peace and purity and creates the sense of safety and newness for anyone who enters. Arrange dinner and lounge time and surprise her after with a room waiting and ready, complete with one of our professional and gifted massage therapists to soothe and nurture her body and spirit back to center.Kayci massage

An arrangement of food and snacks
An arrangement of food and snacks.
Spa Day Doorway
Decorated door frame.


There are countless ways to treat a best friend. It can be simple as much as it can be extravagant. As long as it’s from the heart, it will carry a feeling of love with it and remember: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel” – Maya Angelou

Is there anything you can do to make your best friend feel extra special? Please leave us a comment we’d love to know.

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