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Steps to Making Self-Care a Habit for Good

We just got off the phone with a new client.  She wanted to schedule an in-home, one hour massage as soon as possible – before the kids got home and while it was still quiet at home to truly escape to the arms of tranquility.

We’ve all been there. You suddenly have time to yourself and you wish you’d scheduled that massage and now you’re afraid you’ve left it too late. (Read on, there is a good ending to our story….)

Are you tending to your goddess within or are you charging through life without any down-time?

Our mission at Serve The Goddess is to nurture and serve your inner goddess.

Our goal is to replenish and feed your soul so you can take best care for your loved ones.

Imagine how much healthier you’ll feel once your energy has been replenished?

Your self-care can take on many forms depending on what you need the most at one given moment.

Let me ask you this…Does your self-care need an adjustment?

Do you need:

Less processed foods or a plant based diet?

Better hydration with the purest form of liquid-water?

More sleep?

Precious time in solitude?

Girlfriend time?

Time in nature?

Sometimes it can even be an article of clothing– whatever is needed to make you feel your best.

Or, maybe your body is sore from new exercises, a new path from your hiking trails, recovering from the flu or simple everyday stress.

The important thing is to be able to listen AND comply with your needs. And, sometimes, this need is touch. It doesn’t mean just any touch either. The skilled hands of a massage therapist who understands the anatomy of the body and who can easily navigate sore and tense muscles is likely one of the best forms of touch that anyone can have.

Bed of Roses for One
Bed of Roses for One

Our client clearly understood this as her week unfolded. Her body spoke and she listened. She kept searching to see what she could do to alleviate her sore muscles – she bounced back and forth on whether she should order up a massage delivered to her home but waivered, like we all do.

Finally, she gave in and called us to make her appointment.

Luckily, it was one of those few days where our calendar was not packed with appointments and within one hour, we were at her door. Her massage was brought to her and all she had to do was to be at home in her robe. There was no driving for her afterwards – just peace and silence while she remained in the comfort of her home.

The beauty of our in-home massage and spa service is they are conveniently brought to you.  Our client has even promised herself to find more space in her budget for self-care.

This self -care can also include a full spa day complete with facial, manicure, pedicure and a massage.

Besides taking care of yourself to be better for your loved ones, remember that honoring your relationship is also at the forefront of nurturing a happy family.

Check out my Couple’s Massage Handbook – Deepen Your Relationship with The Healing Power of Touch so you can learn how to massage each other and nurture your relationship in love.

Couple's Massage Handbook


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