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Join Us on a Summer Retreat in Santa Barbara to Escape the Heat

Summer is officially here and no doubt, everyone is feeling the rising temperatures and the thickness of the heat in the air here is Southern California.

So many of us are likely blasting our air-conditioners or making plans for the beaches or any place that could offer us and our loved ones a retreat from the sweltering days ahead. If you have young children hopefully their summer plans are well on the way and they are either distracted from the heat in their summer camp activities and pool parties.

DemeterIt’s very typical of us as women to care for everyone else, especially our children first.

Whether you’re a mom to one or more children, a “pet mom” or in any field where your job is to nurture and care for someone else, it is likely that you are putting yourself last.

This brings me to wonder what you are doing for yourself this summer.

What are the plans you have made to nurture yourself and get away from it all?

What will be your way to retreat from the heat and everyday life?

Have you considered some down time just for you this summer? Let me share a little about a summer retreat in Santa Barbara that can reset your mind, spirit and body and get you going on the right track for the rest of 2016.


Serve The Goddess offers you the ideal getaway for this summer and it is only a 90 minute drive out of Los Angeles. Consider our Demeter Summer Retreat at La Casa de Maria in Santa Barbara where we will honor the mother archetype Demeter. Demeter was the Greek goddess of agriculture, mother of Persephone and is known as the nurturer and we learn her sacred wisdom. Any moment we take to disconnect from everything and listen to our own inner voice is a moment that is golden and should be treasured. We will have many golden moments on our retreat.


La Casa de Maria is found at the end of a winding lane canopied in dense foliage leading from the Upper Village of Montecito five miles from Santa Barbara. It is sheltered within a 26 acre oak woodland sacred land, once inhabited by the Chumash Indians. La Casa de Maria offers a serene and natural environment on acres of great natural beauty. Meandering walking paths encircle the enclave revealing expansive views of the Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. La Casa de Maria offers a selection of delicious, fresh, and healthy meals. All meals are served buffet style and enjoyed in the dining room or outdoor patio area. Vegan, vegetarian and special diets available upon request.

casa-maria-poolThe retreat features meditation sessions, yoga, and nutrition presentation by Jill Parsh, Nutritionist and Master Gardener. You will also enjoy Giselle Abadie, Yoga & Sound Healer. Once you leave the busyness of Los Angeles and set foot on the sacred land of La Casa de Maria, you can start to focus just on yourself.

You can switch your unconditional love from all those in your sacred circle and start to give all that love to just you. It’s almost the same as being a mother to yourself – would you allow any harm or disharmony to come to your children or those you love? Would you not set boundaries for their protection and feed their minds with only positive words? Our Demeter Retreat will help you to bring all the love you keep giving to everyone else, back to you and only you – if only just for two days.

Join us… your higher self awaits the love and attention she so rightfully deserves.

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