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Surprise Massage Gift Makes All the Difference to Husband

If you ever find yourself in the midst of a long, exhausting work week, eagerly waiting for the weekend to arrive, you’ll relate to our blog post today. Recently one of our customers was treated to an hour-long massage delivered to the comfort of his home – a surprise gift from his thoughtful wife.

He had no idea his wife was secretly booking a relaxing one hour in-home massage with us while he was busy at work.

When we asked if it was her husband’s birthday or their wedding anniversary, she replied, “No it’s a Just Because I Love You celebration and he’s been working so hard”.  We admired her motivation and went on to chat about the details.

Where to Set-Up?

We discussed where to set up the massage table, how to decorate their space with candles and whether to add scents. Oftentimes scents can compete with each other so we recommended some odorless flameless candles as we’d be adding aromatherapy to the massage oil.

Your massage table is ready and waiting.
Your massage table is ready and waiting.

When we arrived she had the ideal romantic location in mind and we set up our massage table on their large, roomy balcony. The balcony looked so inviting adorned with soft, glowing candles and a spray of red rose petals.

How Can a Massage Help?

A massage can reduce stress and help the body relax. Got a headache? Forty-five million Americans suffer from chronic headaches and migraines. Massage helps ease the pressure and pain, which can also reduce the frequency of headaches. Want to fight colds? A massage can strengthen your immune system.

Imagine coming home exhausted from a long work week to a relaxing massage? The benefits of massage are endless and will leave you feeling rejuvenated ready to fully enjoy the weekend. Needless to say this caring gift was well received!

We love bringing the gift of serenity to our customers throughout Southern CA.

If you or your loved one needs some TLC, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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