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The Beauty of a Couple’s Massage

Romance is in the air. Valentine’s Day is coming soon and there’s still time to plan something really special and romantic for you and your beloved.

Here’s an idea. Why not make arrangements for a couple’s massage?

Massages are divine on their own but they’re even more wonderful when two people can experience a relaxing massage treatment at the same time in the same room.


As a mobile spa service, our massage therapists at Serve the Goddess will come to you. We will transform your living room or hotel suite into the most romantic and dreamy spa on the planet by lighting candles and incense, and playing soft spa music so the two of you can relax and enjoy each other and the spa experience. We’ll also place the two massage tables side by side so if you want, you can reach each other and hold hands.

Can you picture yourself coming home to two massage tables that have been draped in clean, crisp, white linens and plushy blankets for your comfort?

Can you see the glowing fireplace in the background and the two skilled massage therapists standing by to give you the most relaxing and therapeutic massage ever?

Can you see your true love mouth the words, “Thank you” and “I love you” when the surprise that you’ve planned has been unveiled?

Having a mobile spa service come to your home takes the headache away from planning a Valentine’s Day celebration, stellar wedding anniversary or a birthday surprise. You don¹t have to worry about set up, clean up or laundry. It’s all part of the service we provide.

I believe that couples can achieve a higher state of emotional intimacy with the power of healing touch and having a couple¹s massage in your own home will strengthen your bond.

Call Serve the Goddess today and make your appointment for the Cupid’s Delight Couple’s Massage.

We can choose which package fits best for you:
One hour (2 massage therapists)
Two hours (1 massage therapist)

See you on Valentine’s Day, your wedding anniversary or whenever you’re ready.

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