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Treat Yourself Like the First Olympians with an Aromatherapy Massage

I love watching the Olympics so with all the awe and wonder of the Olympians I thought it fitting to discuss how the athletes looked after their bodies.

There’s a spa scene in Homer’s The Odyssey, one of the first stories ever recorded. It’s true. You remember Odysseus, the Greek guy who spent much of his life sailing around the world trying to make his way back home. Well, when he arrives on Circe’s island, she gives him an incredible spa treatment that he wouldn’t soon forget:

“When the bright copper [cauldron] was boiling, she sat me down in a bath and washed me with water…mixed with cold to a comfortable heat, sluicing my head and shoulders till all the painful weariness was gone from my limbs. My bath done, she rubbed me in olive oil, and clothed me in a fine tunic…”
See, I told you. Ancient Greeks and Romans used massage and aromatherapy to keep their Olympic athletes and VIP’s in top form.

If you’re looking for an Olympic treat, try a massage that uses aromatic oils from ancient Greece.

Here’s a list of essential oils and their healing properties that may have been used in the ancient Greece that still can be found in spa, beauty and massage treatments today.

Basil: Add to massage oil to relax, encourage a good night’s sleep, lift depression, help digestion, calm nausea, and tame cold symptoms.

Bay Laurel: Add sparingly to massage oil to relax muscles, reverse insomnia, soothe muscle aches and pains, strengthen breathing, smooth cellulite, and improve digestion.

Black Pepper: Add to massage oil to relax, inspire romance, soothe muscle pain, detoxify, aid digestion, bring heat, reduce arthritic pain, and calm muscle cramps.

Chamomile: Add to massage oil to relax, get to sleep, prevent nightmares, lift depression, soothe muscle pain, and strengthen breathing.

Clove: Add sparingly to massage oil to relax, inspire romance, soothe muscle pain, lift depression, relieve headaches, add heat, add scent and for antioxidant and anti-fungal properties.

Doesn’t this just make you want to schedule an aromatherapy massage right now?

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