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Turn Your Home Into a Romantic Haven

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, you’re probably wondering what you can do to celebrate this day of love!  I have plenty of massage and spa packages to tempt you, but if you’re on a budget why not dress up your home this year. With over 15 years of creating a spa like atmosphere in clients’ homes there are plenty of romantic gestures to consider.

Let’s begin…

Your living room

Make it tidy and remove the kids’ toys, your laptop or old magazines. Chill  a bottle of wine or champagne. Create a playlist of your most favorite romantic songs. If you’re stuck, think about your first dance at your wedding day. What was your favorite music you both enjoyed when you were dating? Move furniture in case you and your partner may enjoy a smoochy dance. Throw some red and pink pillows on the sofa and pull out framed photos of the two of you in love and arrange on the mantel or on a small table.

Finish the scene by dimming the lights and lighting some candles.



Massage BottlesYour bathroom.

Clear off your counters and drop your beauty products in a basket or in a drawer. Scatter rose petals (fresh or silk) around the bathtub and draw a warm bath. Add a few drops of one of our signature massage and body oils. Our Aphrodite blend would be my recommendation with its seductive, enticing blend with pure essential oils of jasmine, sandalwood, ylang-ylang and hypnotic Damask rose.

Invite your partner to join you and have fun bathing together. Have your bathrobes hanging close by so when you’re ready to dry off you have something cozy and plush to slip into.

Your bedroom.

Pick up that pile of clothes you’ve been meaning to fold from the dryer and hang up your clothes in the closet. Remove any other clutter especially if it’s work related. You don’t want to kill your romantic state of mind by thinking about a work project. Turn off your phone. Add some accent red pillows and dark red throws on your bed. Arrange some candles around the room.  Arrange some heart of rose petals on the bed. Red petals speak of love and passion and will set the right tone for all the wonderful feelings you want to evoke during this special time.




Of course, if after seeing your home turned into a romantic haven has you swooning for more,  you could top off your special evening with a couples massage with Serve the Goddess. Choose from side by side massages or if you prefer you can take turns. All we need is space for two massage tables and remember we drive to you so once we’re done you can stay home, relax in your robes and toast your sweetheart with a glass of bubbly.

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