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August Romance – Your Loves & You

Romance is defined as a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. It’s such a wonderful feeling to be wrapped in romance and all its whirlwind flares. Most people love to be romanced, especially women. We love to feel wanted and desired, wined and dined and all that good stuff. It could be because we are naturally givers and nurturers that when we get any of it back, it goes a long way.

romance awareness month

While it would be wise to water the seeds of romance all year long, it seems like there are times of the year that it stands out more – Valentine’s, Birthdays and August!

August is #RomanceAwarenessMonth even though the origin of Romance Awareness Month has not been determined. The fact remains that it is the month for weddings and anniversaries and perhaps summer love and romance is always a good feeling to support and promote because the underlying tone is love and love supersedes all!

Sometimes being romantic can be a simply holding hands, a love note, a flirty text or making breakfast. If finances allow and you can be grand, it might mean a helicopter ride along the coast of California. However simple or grand, it sends the energy of love deep into our souls and touches us deeply.

Here are some simple ways to enhance your August Romance

1. Eat together at least once a day
2. Find a common interest or show to share excitement in
3. Cook together on weekends or days off
4. Let forgiveness be your go to when all else fails
5. Focus on everything that’s right about your partner
6. Hug each other when you see each other and when you say goodbye
7. Text sweet nothings at least 3x a day “I love you” or “Have a Good Day” every morning
8. Always bid each other goodnight
9. Meditate together in nature
10. Do a couples massage session

Togetherness is what promotes romance in a loving and healthy relationship.

Keep in mind though that you can “romance” your friends or your family and while it may not lead to a passionate weekend or night, it surely has the potential to beautifully etch a sweet memory in their minds forever.

Sometimes love notes and texts are just as good for your loved ones who are not intimately attached to you. Maybe a Gift Certificate for a spa service would also go a long way!

And, last but not least, remember you can romance yourself!

THAT’S RIGHT! They say the greatest love we can have is the one we have for ourselves and that the way we treat ourselves sets the tone for how others will treat us.

Check out our Goddess Spa Packages and make a day just for you – the ultimate down time.

Romance is wonderful when its shared between two people in love – absolutely! Just remember it’s not limited to that concept. Romance means tiny gestures that sweetly tug at the feeling of being loved and appreciated. So, sometimes you do for others and sometimes you #DoYOU!
Happy Romance Awareness Month!

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