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Five Steps to Help You Be Calm and Relaxed Now Kids Are Back to School

During the summer, schedules are relaxed and you can stay up late and sleep a little longer.  And while your sleep patterns change it’s tempting to fall into “endless weekend mode”.

But before you know it, the clock will rule the morning again. Summer is winding down, just a few more supplies to buy, and then the kids will be headed back to school. After a relaxed, easy breezy summer lifestyle, the end of August can be tough.

Suddenly you are confronted with a much tighter schedule.

How can moms and kids adjust from the relaxation of summer to the schedules of school?

Luckily there are lots of ways you can stay calm and relaxed.

Here are 5 easy ways to ease your routine.

1. Be prepared.

What worked last year may not be a perfect fit this year. Be open to new ideas and adjustments when necessary.

Prepare ahead of time. Donate clothes that no longer fit your child. It’s also a good opportunity to go through YOUR closet and donate clothes you no longer like or need.

Put your family on a routine and emphasize sleep.

For bedtime, focus on relaxation and sleep will follow. Accept that sleep is a very important part of life. Plan healthy breakfasts and lunches.

Remember that nutrition is an important factor in daily performance.

Studies have shown that people who eat healthful, balanced breakfasts and lunches are more alert throughout the (school) day than those who have an unhealthy diet.

2. Create a stress-free morning routine.

Plan for the mornings the evening before. Take out the uniforms or clothes for next day, make sure that backpacks are packed, and that lunchboxes are clean and, if possible, packed as well.

Make sure you’ve put your car keys, cell phone and wallet with the driver’s license in it within reach.

Set the breakfast table the night before, and make sure healthy breakfast foods are easy to reach. Also make sure sports bags or musical instruments are packed and ready to go.

3. Repeat a mantra.

It can be something you recently read or one that you came up with yourself. When you start to feel yourself getting stressed and overwhelmed, repeat your mantra in your head over and over again. Close your eyes if you have to.

You’ll start to feel all the tension drain from your body and it will be replaced with a relaxed feeling and positive energy.

4. Focus on relaxation.

Most women already know what the statistics say: you are still carrying most of the load. You juggle kids, work, home, volunteering and everything else in between. Of course, you know that running yourself on empty isn’t good for your health or your family.

Take a relaxing, refreshiSpa Relax Dayng bubble bath, light your favorite scented candle, read a good book, or listen to calming music.

Why not plan some extra treatment and get a facial, massage, manicure or pedicure?

No matter how organized you are, life can be challenging and you need some downtime to recharge your batteries!

Do not be tempted to devalue the worth of relaxation.

One of the most effective ways to achieve a state of true relaxation is by booking a Serve The Goddess® Mobile Spa Services appointment and getting a massage in the comfort of your home.

No need to travel (which might add some extra stress) – we bring the relaxation to YOU!
A massage relaxes and refreshes your body in multiple ways. To function your best you need to feel your best.

Why not invite some other moms and make a back-to-school Spa party out of it? Everything is so much better in a group. Just pick your date, time, and favorite services, and Serve The Goddess® Mobile Spa Services will turn your home into a relaxation haven.

5. Get daily exercise.

It is so beneficial to get daily exercise. Plan a walk in the early morning, or after you drop the kids off at school.

Do a workout DVD, ride your bike, talk a walk  or join a gym. Just find some way to incorporate at least 30 minutes of activity into your daily routine.

The healthier you stay, the easier it is to be the best mom you can be to your children.

All these things can help you and your family have a happier, relaxed back-to-school experience without having to give up on that carefree summer feeling yet.


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