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Is Touch Important To You?

How important is touch to you?

I am hoping your response is that touch is important but with more of us working in technology or alone in our home offices,
I am afraid we have lost the sense that touch IS important.

This saddens me as we all need touch. There are many studies confirming the positive effects of touch and here’s one.

Librarians were instructed alternately to touch and not touch the hands of students as they handed back their library cards.
Then the students were interviewed. Those who had been touched reported far greater positive feelings about themselves, the
library, and the librarians than those who had not been touched. This occurred even though the touch was fleeting and the
students didn’t even remember it!

If you do work alone, ask yourself how often you come into contact with other human beings?

What is the typical relationship you have with that other human being? Is it a business or intimate relationship?

If it’s a business relationship when did you last give someone a hug? If it’s an intimate relationship you may want to read my post
Is It Time For a Couple’s Massage.

Drop me a line in the comments about your view on the importance of healing touch.


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