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Oscar Sunday – Are You Red Carpet Ready?

What will you be doing this Sunday as the celebrities and movie stars step out of their limousines and glide across the red carpet? I hope you said “I’m hosting an Oscar party for all of my friends” because that sounds like fun. Here are some ways you can transform[…]

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The Beauty of a Couple’s Massage

Romance is in the air. Valentine’s Day is coming soon and there’s still time to plan something really special and romantic for you and your beloved. Here’s an idea. Why not make arrangements for a couple’s massage? Massages are divine on their own but they’re even more wonderful when two people can[…]

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How often should you schedule a massage?

Whether you prefer getting a massage on a breezy beach or getting one near a cozy fireplace or whether you like a “jackhammer massage” or one that sends you off to the land of nod, how often should you schedule a massage? Once a week, once a month, once every[…]

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Read any good books lately?

I just left a client’s house after giving her a one hour relaxing massage and she told me she’d read some good books over the holidays with her free time. It seems like such a luxury these days to have free time.  If you have some time, what would you[…]

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Feeling run down?

Do you travel a lot for work? We received this email from a client recently. “I just got home from 17 days on the road and I’m feeling a bit run down – congested, but on the upswing.  In the future I plan to get a massage 1-2 times per[…]

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